How to Make a Resume Fit a Leasing Consultant Position

Leasing consultants spend the majority of their time as salespeople and customer-service representatives. Their primary function is to convince potential renters to lease apartments or condominiums and then provide lessees with proper service to ensure that they will continue their leases. Prospective employers will want to see evidence of good communication skills, knowledge of sales techniques, solid problem-solving skills and evidence of customer service skills.


  1. Showcase Your Leasing Consultant Skills with a Tailored Resume

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      The layout of your leasing consultant resume will depend on your level of experience. Leasing consultant applicants who have less than five years of relevant experience should place their education first on their resumes and list their experience after their education. If you have more than five years of experience, or if you feel that your experience outshines your education, list your experience and then your education. List any honors or awards you have received third on your resume; only list what would be viewed as particularly relevant to a leasing consultant position (such as sales and customer-service rewards). Alternatively, you may include them under the position where they were obtained if they are relevant to a particular position you have listed. References may be listed at the end of the resume with contact information, or include a statement that states "references available upon request."

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      Show, don't tell. Your resume should highlight examples of your success as both a sales representative and as a customer service representative with a high level of problem-solving skills. Simply stating that you are good with people does not demonstrate your skills. Include examples with each position that you list on your resume. For example, if in your position as a realtor you exceeded the other agents in sales three months in a row, make a bullet point and state that following the listing for that position. Rely on numbers, statistics and concrete evidence to showcase your skills.

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      Write a career objective that is specific to each position. If the leasing position is for an apartment complex, specify that in your career objective. A career objective is placed at the top of your resume. Here's an example. "Objective: A leasing consultant position with a growth-oriented apartment leasing firm that offers opportunity for advancement and professional development." Avoid objective statements that are too vague and not specific to the position to which you are applying.

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      Punctuate experience statements with action verbs. Verbs like "demonstrated," "exceeded," "applied" and "sold" are action verbs that speak to the credentials a leasing consultant should have. Consider listing your experiences on your resume in order of relevance to a leasing consultant position versus in chronological order. Begin your job listing with a title such as relevant work experience. List only experiences that are relevant to a leasing consultant position. Sales positions, customer service positions and positions that involved a high level of interaction with people or problem-solving are relevant. Other positions that are not relevant should be listed after the relevant work experience in a category titled "Other Work Experience." Here you can list all other positions that you have held.

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