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In an era of e-vites, invitations delivered via social networking sites, in combination with those delivered to your mailbox, accepting an RSVP can be confusing. RSVP, "respondez s'il vous plait", the french term for "please respond", is typically used when asking for a reply as to whether someone will be attending a function. By using proper etiquette when accepting an RSVP, you'll be sure to impress the host.

Things You'll Need

  • Calendar
  • Paper
  • Check the date on the invitation and compare it with your calendar or planner. Calculate whether the day and time fits into your schedule. If so, proceed in accepting the invite.

  • Locate the date in which the invitation asks for your response. Give your intentions by this date and preferably as soon as you know. Do not wait until the last minute to reply unless you are unsure you can attend.

  • Respond to the invitation by means of how it was delivered. If the event is a formal one in which an invitation was mailed, use the specially made card that usually accompanies an invitation of this kind. Write a note of acceptance for a formal event in which no reply card is attached. According to Cathleen Hanson, founder of the International School of Protocol, the response should be written in the same tone as the invitation and should include: your name, that you will be attending with polite wording such as, 'the kind invitation of", the host's name, the date and time of the event.

    An e-vite can be responded to by e-mail, and social networking sites usually have a tab you can click on to reply "yes" or "no". A simple phone call is sufficient for a child's birthday party or other informal event in which a phone number is listed with the request to RSVP.

  • Show up to the event to which you accepted the invitation. It is important to always follow through with your attendance. The Emily Post Institute states that the only acceptable reasons for not attending after your acceptance would be illness or injury, a death in the family, or another unavoidable and unforeseen conflict.

Tips & Warnings

  • Always respond to an invite whether you will be attending. Hosts depend on this information to plan the event and know how much space and food they will need. It is impolite to not respond.
  • If you forget to respond by the due date, still send your response. It is better late than never. You can even call the host and let them know your circumstances. Apologize for not getting back to her by the due date.
  • Do not ask if you can bring a guest or children is the invite does not specify you can.
  • Thank the host for the invitation. Let her know you appreciate her including you in their special event.


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