How to Hang Fabric from a Ceiling for a Wedding Reception

Hanging fabric from a ceiling is an easy way to add color and style to any room. Use fabric to hide aluminum frame ceilings at a wedding reception venue. Or, create a compelling vertical centerpiece above the joyous action and entertainment below. Fabric can transform a gym, church hall or otherwise plain room into a unique space that complements your wedding theme and creates an environment guests will remember long after your wedding is over.

Things You'll Need

  • Ladders
  • Measuring tape
  • Gossamer fabric
  • Indoor twinkling lights
  • Fabric scissors
  • Colored staples
  • Wire (optional)
  • Embroidery hoops (optional)
  • Curtain rods (optional)


    • 1

      Use a ladder to reach the ceiling of your wedding venue. Measure the length and width of the ceiling as well as the heights of the walls in the room you are decorating. Determine how much fabric you will need for each length you wish to hang.

    • 2

      Choose a design for your fabric hangings. Consider the dimensions of the room when selecting a hanging pattern. Hang fabric panels straight down from the ceiling to a few inches above the floor along the two longest walls to emphasize high ceilings or a long, narrow venue. Hang fabric in this way to create a regal feel. Highlight an elegant chandelier or series of chandeliers by looping fabric panels from 10 feet to 12 feet around the chandeliers into the center, about 3 inches away from the chandeliers themselves. Create a tent design by stringing fabric panels in a sloping, triangular pattern from the center of the ceiling to the sides.

    • 3

      Choose colors of gossamer fabric that complement your wedding colors. Pair the fabric hangings with strands of white or single-color indoor twinkling lights strung in the same pattern as your fabric panels.

    • 4

      Cut the fabric into panels that are 24 inches wide and equal in length to your measurements for the venue.

    • 5

      Use tall ladders or lifts and assistants to reach the ceiling of your venue. Use staples colored the same color as your fabric and a staple gun to attach the fabric panels to the ceiling. Repeat this process to staple the other end of the fabric panels to the walls, if your design calls for it. Attach embroidery hoops and curtain rods to the ceiling with wire and wrap fabric panels around the hoops or rods to secure your design.

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