How to Tow a Snorkel UNO 41G

Ariel work platforms allow construction workers quick and safe access to difficult-to-reach places. Snorkel has been building such devices since 1948 when its founder, Wally Johnson, sought to solve the problem of painting elevated areas around his home. The Snorkel UNO 41G is an articulated boom style lift than can move the work platform both upward and away from its base. It can reach heights of 40 feet 10 inches and move up to 500 pounds.

Things You'll Need

  • Truck
  • Flat bed trailer
  • 6 to 8 tie-down straps


    • 1

      Look in the truck's owner's manual for its towing capacity. Determine the flat bed's capacity by looking on its data plate. Both of these numbers must be greater than the 11,200 pounds of the UNO 41G for a safe trip.

    • 2

      Park the truck and trailer on flat level ground. Apply the truck's parking brake using the driver's controls.

    • 3

      Unlock the loading ramps by pulling out the cotter pin and lowering them with your hands.

    • 4

      Drive the Snorkel up to the back of the trailer, aligning it with the ramps.

    • 5

      Drive the UNO 41G up the ramps and onto the center of the trailer. Position the lift on the trailer so that 10 percent of its weight is pressing down on the trailer's connection to the vehicle.

    • 6

      Fasten the tie-down straps between the Snorkel's frame and the trailer's hooks. The straps should be evenly distributed around the lift and should be rated for the weight of the lift.

    • 7

      Tighten all of the straps firmly by cranking their winch with your hands.

    • 8

      Double-check the trailer's connection to the vehicle, its lighting systems and the straps connecting the lift to the trailer.

Tips & Warnings

  • Drive slower than normal to compensate for the reduced breaking of the vehicle.
  • If the height of the trailer and UNO 41G exceeds 13 feet, you may need a special permit from the DMV to tow it on public roads.
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