How to Be Consided for the NBA Draft

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The next generation of basketball superstars are often found during the yearly NBA Draft.

The NBA Draft is a yearly event in which the 30 teams that make up the National Basketball Association draft players to join their teams. These players are normally college basketball players who have declared for the draft, and international players who wish to join the NBA. These players must meet a list of qualifications before being allowed to declare for the draft. Once considered, they take part of the two round draft, in which 60 players are drafted to join the NBA.


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      Review the eligibility rules for the NBA Draft. Players must met the requirements before being allowed to take part in the yearly draft.

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      Reach your 19th birthday. All players must be at least 19 years old during the calendar year of that draft event. To understand if you are eligible for the draft, subtract the number 19 from the year of said NBA draft. If you were born during or before the answer, you are allowed to participate. This is the first requirement needed to become a NBA player through the draft.

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      Allow for one year to pass since your high school graduation. Players who are 19 years old must wait at least one year after their high school graduation to be allowed to participate in the NBA Draft. Due to this rule, players either play for a college basketball team or travel overseas to begin their career.

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      Allow four years to pass from your high school graduation, if you did not play in a college program, and turn 22 years old. A 22-year-old player can also be allowed to participate in the draft if he has served as a contracted player for a team outside of the United States.

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      Review the rules that allow for automatically eligibility into the NBA Draft. Some rules allow for players to directly join the NBA Draft in hopes of being selected by a team. For example, players who have completed four years of athletic eligibility are automatically allowed to join the draft. Athletic eligibility are the four years in which a collegiate athlete is allowed to play a college sport. Once these four years are done for basketball players, they are automatically allowed to participate in the NBA Draft. Former University of North Carolina standout and current Indiana Pacer Tyler Hansbrough is an example of a player who used this option to reach the NBA Draft.

Tips & Warnings

  • Only 60 players a year are drafted into the NBA. To help yourself be a part of this small fraction of players, you must be at the top of the echelon of available players. Attending a major college such as the University of North Carolina, Duke or Kansas will help you play on the biggest stages for national exposure. In order to play in college, you must meet the minimum high school requirements to enter college as an athlete. Work with your school counselors to ensure that you can reach those requirements. Some players also join teams overseas if they cannot meet those college requirements.

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