How to Put in Noise Cards in "MMSF: Red Joker"

Noise Cards are a special set of cards in "Mega Man Star Force 3: Red Joker" that are unavailable through normal means. To access the Noise Cards, you must input their corresponding cheat codes into a special menu. (See the Reference section of this article for one source of Noise Card cheat codes.) Collecting the Noise Cards and organizing them into specific hands is the only way to obtain some of the game's rarest items such as the Float Shoes and the Super Armor.


    • 1

      Start the game and go to the "Megaman" menu.

    • 2

      Move your stylus over to the box on the right side of the "Megaman" menu and tap on it. You will be taken to the Noise Card's code-entry menu.

    • 3

      Enter the codes for the Noise Cards. When you have finished collecting all of the Noise Cards, you must organize them into poker hands. The hands you must complete with your cards are: four of a kind, five of a kind, straight, flush of diamonds, flush of hearts, flush of spades, full house, straight flush and royal straight flush. Once you have created the hands, you will be awarded the item that corresponds with that hand.

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