How to Design Your Own Lab Coat

If you work in a laboratory environment, you will likely have to wear a white laboratory coat to work, day in and day out. Although there are many different color and styling options available for those who wear scrubs as a uniform, laboratory coats are still a bit more uniform. There are, however, different design options for scientists, doctors, pharmacists and others who work in labs but want a more comfortable or attractive coat.


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      Choose the fabric you want for your laboratory coat. A variety of materials is available, but for your coat to stay a bright white longer, you'll want a stain-resistant coat. Pick a fabric that resists wrinkles so you don't have to launder or iron the coat as often.

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      Select pockets that will be convenient for you. Depending on the type of laboratory in which you work, it may be important for you to have deeper pockets on the coat and to be able to reach through your coat pockets to reach your trouser pockets.

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      Pick a design that will be convenient, comfortable and attractive. Some laboratory coats slip right over the head, so you do not need to worry about taking care of buttons. The length of the coat may be important. In some labs, the more senior your responsibilities, the longer your coat; in others, it's just a matter of comfort and taste.

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      Have your coat tailored if you want it to be more flattering to your figure. Just because you have to wear the same white coat every day doesn't mean you have to hide yourself under it. Check with your employer that a more fitted style is allowed.

Tips & Warnings

  • In laboratories that allow you to wear coats that are not white, you also have a wealth of choices as far as colors and patterns.
  • Monogramming is also an option. There's even a company that can turn your lab coat into a walking television (although your boss may have a problem with that).
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