How to Open an E-mail Message

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Once you open a message, you can read it, reply to it or forward it to someone else.

Things You'll Need

  • E-mail Accounts
  • E-mail Software
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      Open your e-mail software program.

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      Open the Inbox, which contains the e-mail messages that you have received.

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      Locate the message you want to open - new messages will typically be highlighted - and select it by clicking on it.

    • 4

      Double-click to open the message.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your e-mail software has a Preview function, you can read messages before opening them.

  • Though some programs do this automatically, you might need to click a button or find a Receive or Send and Receive menu command to access an e-mail account from your ISP.

  • E-mail attachments can contain viruses. It's wise to run a virus scan before opening attachments.

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