How to Get a Good Image From Google Docs

Learn to produce a high-quality image in Google Docs so people can easily read the visual messages you create with this program. One aspect of a quality image is high image resolution, in which you can't discern the small image elements composing the picture. All vector images are high resolution because they're not stored as separate image elements, but as instructions that tell drawing programs like the one in Google Docs how to reproduce the image.


    • 1

      Click the "New" button from the Google Docs home page and then click the "Drawing" command to initiate a new drawing.

    • 2

      Click the "Insert" menu and then click the "Image" command to tell Docs you want to load an image from your hard drive into the program. Navigate to and double-click a picture from which you'd like to make a good-quality picture. Docs will load the picture for you to edit.

    • 3

      Click the tool palette icon shaped like a backwards "S" to run the Curve tool, which lets you define vector shapes. Click on the outline of one of the shapes in your uploaded picture. A shape is a region having a single color or whose colors are nearly all the same.

    • 4

      Drag to another place on the shape's outline to define another point for the curve. Docs will smooth the curve each time you create a new point.

    • 5

      Click and drag the mouse to create additional curve points that surround the shape. Click the mouse on the first point of the curve to close the curve, which forms a vector shape you can fill with color.

    • 6

      Click the Paint Bucket icon from the tool palette to open a palette of colors. Click the color swatch that most closely matches the color of the shape you just traced. Docs will fill the vector shape with the color you chose.

    • 7

      Use the instructions from Steps 3 through 6 to create vector shapes from the remaining raster shapes in your uploaded image.

    • 8

      Click the "File" menu's "Save" command to save the image. Alternatively, export the image as a high-quality raster image by clicking the "Download" command from the "File" menu and then choosing one of the following options: "PNG," "JPG," "SVG" or "PNG."

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