How to Make a Damage Dealing Paladin in "Allods"

In fantasy games, the paladin is the quintessential knight in shining armor. Holy, devoted and a moving tank of steel, muscle and faith, paladins are much like a fantasy version of the Knights Templar. In "Allods Online," paladins are good characters for players who want to be able to fight, use magic and heal themselves and others. If damage dealing is your primary concern, there are a few different strategies you should implement.


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      Choose your stats carefully. The need to pick the right stats begins when you create your character, and it remains a constant as you level up. You must have a high Strength score, as it determines how much damage you inflict, and it should be your primary score. After Strength, focus on Finesse, Expertise and Luck, all of which help you hit more often and increase your chances of dealing consistent damage with your attacks.

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      Choose Paladin skills that deal additional damage. Crusader's Blow is the basic skill, and it is important for those who intend to mix up their attacks in melee. This attack deals damage and bestows a Mark on the enemy. Combine Crusader's Blow with other skills like Retribution and Condemnation, which deal additional damage and cause the Marks you've bestowed to explode, dealing yet more damage.

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      Choose the right weapon. If you want to deal large amounts of damage, use the biggest, nastiest weapon you can find. Maces and swords are effective, and if you want to forgo a shield, you can use even larger weapons. However, some weapons, like the one handed spear, work best for Crusader's Strike, so you need to balance how much damage your weapon deals in a single blow versus how well the weapon works with the other abilities you have.

Tips & Warnings

  • Add plate armor to your character as soon as you can. It will keep you alive longer and add to your combat stats so you can inflict even more damage on your enemies.
  • Balance melee and distance fighting. Paladins typically carry a big shield and a sword. However, you have access to a number of paladin skills that can deal damage at a distance, such as Righteous Prayer.
  • Don't skimp on Stamina and healing powers. If you can deal large amounts of damage but can't take any, you're a glass hammer wrapped up in steel plate.
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