How to Get the TM Ice Beam in "Pokemon HeartGold"

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When a Pokemon uses Ice Beam in battle, it emits an intense beam of pure, frozen energy that has a chance of freezing its opponent solid. Many Pokemon can benefit from learning Ice Beam from TM13, including Tentacruel, Slowking and Duskull. Prepare your Pokemon for a lengthy journey if you want to enjoy the power of TM13's Ice Beam attack in "Pokemon HeartGold."


  1. Go to the Seafoam Islands, which are located in the center of Route 20 in the Kanto region.

  2. Explore the cavernous Seafoam Islands and head down to the fourth basement level. Bring some strong Pokemon to shield you from the wild Jynx, Psyduck and Golduck creatures.

  3. Pick up TM13 off of the floor once you hit the bottom of Seafoam Island's cave system. TM13 sits in the upper-left corner of the large, blue cave.

Tips & Warnings

  • Choose the Pokemon that you will use TM13 on carefully, as you can use it only once.
  • While you are braving the challenge of the Seafoam Islands, take the opportunity to catch the rare Articuno found on the same sub-level as TM13.
  • You can redeem TM13 as a prize for gambling in the Goldenrod Game Corner by playing the slot machines.




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