How to Get the TM Ice Beam in "Pokemon HeartGold"

When a Pokemon uses Ice Beam in battle, it emits an intense beam of pure, frozen energy that has a chance of freezing its opponent solid. Many Pokemon can benefit from learning Ice Beam from TM13, including Tentacruel, Slowking and Duskull. Prepare your Pokemon for a lengthy journey if you want to enjoy the power of TM13's Ice Beam attack in "Pokemon HeartGold."


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      Go to the Seafoam Islands, which are located in the center of Route 20 in the Kanto region.

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      Explore the cavernous Seafoam Islands and head down to the fourth basement level. Bring some strong Pokemon to shield you from the wild Jynx, Psyduck and Golduck creatures.

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      Pick up TM13 off of the floor once you hit the bottom of Seafoam Island's cave system. TM13 sits in the upper-left corner of the large, blue cave.

Tips & Warnings

  • Choose the Pokemon that you will use TM13 on carefully, as you can use it only once.
  • While you are braving the challenge of the Seafoam Islands, take the opportunity to catch the rare Articuno found on the same sub-level as TM13.
  • You can redeem TM13 as a prize for gambling in the Goldenrod Game Corner by playing the slot machines.
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