How to Give a Funny Acceptance Speech

An acceptance speech is something you have to give any time you win an award. Since members of your audience likely voted for you or are recognizing your outstanding achievement, you want to thank them in a way that is memorable, sincere and funny. Making them laugh is a great way to make sure they always remember you and what you had to say; however, you can't say just anything to get a laugh. You have to keep it appropriate and entertaining based on the audience you are speaking to.


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      Consider the group of people to whom you are speaking. Humor comes in many forms and is often viewed differently by different age groups, whether the group is conservative or liberal, or corporate groups. Assess your audience and channel your humor to target the people to whom you are speaking.

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      Thank the people who gave you the award you are accepting and show appreciation for others in the running for the award. While you should never imply that you are not worthy of the award, you can make a joke about it to convey your enthusiasm for the award and your appreciation for those who chose you.

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      Mention any funny stories or incidents that occurred to get you where you are now. Something such as, "I wouldn't be here today if my mom had remembered to pack my lunch money for me when I was in the third grade" is funny, amusing and shows you have a good sense of humor.

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      Enjoy yourself as you speak. Take in the moment and smile, enjoy yourself and your speech will automatically seem funnier, more amusing and more entertaining to your audience.

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