How to Submit Music to Shazam

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You can submit your user content to Shazam.

Shazam is a music application that allows its users to discover, buy and share the music they hear and like. It is available on many platforms such as iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones. After downloading the Shazam app to any of these platforms, you can get more information about a song by simply opening the application and holding your phone up to identify the track. If you hear a song and it's not recognized or you want to get your own music on Shazam, you will have to submit it. Shazam accepts music from users as long as it is not illegal, obscene or threatening.


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      Navigate to the Shazam website and click on the "Login/Signup" tab in the upper right corner of the page to create a Shazam ID.

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      Agree to the Shazam guidelines. Shazam allows users to submit their music to them. They state in their terms and conditions that by uploading your music you agree that your submitted content does not breach another party's privacy rights or copyrights.

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      Submit your music to Shazam. You must have tried to tag your music using Shazam at least twice. You must provide your email address and your name or the artist's name. Shazam also requires the name of any CD created by the artist, as well as the information about the artist's music being publicly distributed.

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