Telescoping Boom for Forklifts Instructions

Warehouses and shipping depots use forklifts to move heavy loads. When the load needs to be moved into a position higher that the forklift can reach, the operator utilizes a telescoping boom. This telescoping boom allows the heavy load to be lifted to the desired height for stacking or unstacking high loads.To use the telescoping boom, you must first attach it onto the forklift forks and fasten the telescoping extension tube in the appropriate position. The boom can either be hydraulic or mechanical operation.


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      Install the boom onto the forks of the forklift. Drive the forklift up to the boom's forklift pockets. Place the forks into the pockets with the back of the boom in contact with the fork carriage.

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      Fasten the safety chain onto the fork carriage. Pull the chain tight and fasten the locking hook. Shift the carriage back along with the boom mast.

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      Remove the locking pin to slide the inner telescoping tube either in or out from the main tube to adjust the boom length. Replace the locking pin to set the telescoping tube in place.

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      Secure the desired load onto the boom by hooking the nylon strap and lifting chain to the hook bar. Lift the load so the the forklift does not rise. Reposition the forklift if this occurs.

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      Transport the load to the required spot. Raise the load to stack it. Lower the load into place and unfasten lifting chains. Retract telescoping boom back into main pipe and fasten with the locking pin.

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