Snorkeling Instructions

Unlike the gear-intensive scuba diving, snorkeling lets you go underwater with a minimum of equipment and training. Snorkeling is typically done in the shallow waters near the shore or along coral reefs. No special training or compressed air tanks are needed for snorkeling.The sport is typically learned in a few minutes time. Many resorts and vacation beach areas have snorkeling gear for rent, saving you space in the luggage when heading to snorkeling destinations.

Things You'll Need

  • Snorkel fins
  • Mask
  • Snorkel


    • 1

      Stand in the water no deeper than ankle deep. Slip the swim fins onto the feet, one foot at a time. Make sure the fins are snug against the back of the foot.

    • 2

      Smear a little saliva onto the inside lens of the snorkel mask and then dip it into the water to rinse off the spit.

    • 3

      Place the snorkel mask over the face, covering the eyes and nose. Position the snorkel -- the J-shaped tube -- so the mouth piece fits into the mouth and the tube extends up and above the head.

    • 4

      Go into the water and place your face flat onto the water surface. Practice inhaling and exhaling through the tube. Use your mouth to breath and do not over exert. If you begin to feel short of breath, slow down and breath easy. Do not attempt to take huge breaths through the snorkel.

    • 5

      Take a deep breath and go underwater. Do not try to breath underwater. Look up to the surface, place both hands against the mask and exhale through the nose. This blows any water that leaked into the mask out and seals the watertight fitting around the mask against the face.

    • 6

      Go to the surface and let the tube point up and out of the water. Blow out hard from the mouth to push all water out of the snorkel. Breath through the tube and mouth.

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