How to Get a Job as a Cameraman?

Life as a cameraman can be an exciting venture, as you could be alongside a team of reporters making its way through a war-torn country or taking to the open seas to document a fishing expedition. You could also be a part of a movie or television production and get to work with some of the most talented artists in Hollywood. Your job, however, could be as simple as recording a 6 o'clock newscast.


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      Attain cameraman training at an accredited institution. The longer your list of credentials, the more likely you are to secure a job as a cameraman. Many technical and vocational schools offer programs in camera operation and videography. An associate or bachelor's degree in filmmaking, videography or video production are your best options.

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      Volunteer for student and independent productions. Compile this experience and include it on a resume when applying for paid jobs. Most paid jobs demand that you have some experience as a cameraman.

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      Complete an internship at a production company when you are still studying, between semesters or after you are done with your coursework. These internships can sometimes result in a job.

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      Start your career as a production assistant, which requires you to complete odd jobs on the set of a movie, TV show, commercial or music video, for example. This will allow the employer to become familiar with your skills and work ethic.

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      Approach your internship or entry-level-position employer and make him aware of your qualifications as a cameraman and ask for a job. You may be asked you to compile more training or experience, or you might be hired on the spot.

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