How to Set Up a Butterfly Pool Trick Shot

How to Set Up a Butterfly Pool Trick Shot thumbnail
Trick shots are impressive when mastered and executed correctly.

When master pool players aren't winning games they are probably practicing their impressive trick shots. The butterfly shot lines up two crescents of three balls each to form a butterfly shape roughly in the middle of the table. The player shoots the cue ball between the crescents, knocking each of the six balls into one of the pockets. Setting up the trick is easy -- pulling it off is hard.


    • 1

      Place the cue ball on the third diamond line in the center of the table.

    • 2

      Put the balls that will be at the center of the butterfly wings lined up with the center pockets with their back edges on the third diamond line.

    • 3

      Place the balls that move backward to their pockets in line with their respective short rail with their back edges the other side of the third diamond line to the center balls. The balls should be placed half a ball length nearer the sides of the table compared to the center balls.

    • 4

      Add the balls that move forward to the corner pockets so they line up with their short rails. These balls go on the opposite side of the center balls to the backward movers. Position them roughly a quarter ball length toward the edge of the table relative to the center balls.

    • 5

      Move the cue ball out of its position on the third diamond line and place it in the center of the table. The balls should form two crescent shapes with a small gap in the middle. The aim of the shot is to split the two crescents with the cue ball, sending each of the balls into a pocket.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use a cue to help you line up the balls properly.

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