How Rocking Recliners Work


Rocking Recliners

  • Rocking recliners are common items in many households, especially in the den/living room or in a baby nursery. They allow people sitting in them to go back and forth in a rocking motion with minimal effort on their part. In addition, they often are built with extra padding for comfort, as well as offer the ability to recline the back of the chair backward and bring the foot of the chair upward. Many recliners are referred to as La-Z-Boys, which was the company that originally manufactured the rocking recliner chair. However, there are many different furniture design companies today that make rocking recliner chairs in a multitude of fabrics, sizes and comfort levels.

How They Work

  • Rocking recliners are essentially a sofa-like chair that is built on a rocking device, allowing it to easily move forward and backward, and it also has a reclining mechanism inside the chair itself. This allows the person sitting in it to recline the chair backward by either pulling on a lever attached to the side of the chair, or they can simply push their back deep into the back of the chair to have it lean backward. Typically, when a rocking recliner has been "flattened out" and the back has been reclined, it will no longer rock back and forth for safety reasons. This will prevent the person sitting in it from falling out of the chair.

    The reclining mechanism on the inside of the chair is built much like a folding chair. It is automatically put into a standard sitting position, but when the lever is pulled, or the mechanism is activated to go backward, the back of the chair goes backward and the foot of the chair pulls upward.

    The rocking mechanism is on the bottom of the chair. Unlike a rocking chair that is typically built with two rounded bottoms, the bottom of a rocking recliner chair is flat. The chair is attached to the two bottom flat pieces with four to six springs that allow it to move backward and forward. These springs are usually encapsulated inside a heavy-duty plastic or metal cylinder to prevent any fabric or other items getting stuck inside it as it moves.


  • Rocking reclining chairs are made in a variety of different ways. Some are relatively small in nature, while others are nearly as large as a love seat. Small rocking recliners offer a great addition to a nursery or small living room. Rocking recliners have often been deemed eyesores because of their bulkiness and design. However, furniture manufacturers today offer more variety and better designs to integrate them into our homes. They have become popular in nurseries because they offer a parent or caregiver the ability to rock the baby to sleep in comfort and can be made a fashionable part of the room design. They are also a great addition to dens or living rooms in homes where sports, movies or television shows are a popular way of entertaining. They offer people the ability to sit and watch their favorite shows in comfort and now--more than ever--in style.

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