What Does Solaray Cool Cayenne Do?


Stomach Ulcers

Once you consume Solaray Cool Cayenne Pepper, your stomach will recognize the capsaicin, the main element in cayenne pepper, and the cells of the stomach will begin to react by secreting a thick mucous to cover the walls of the stomach and intestines. Although this mucous is meant to protect the stomach from the harshness of the pepper, it also helps with stomach ulcers. As the mucous covers the stomach walls it also coats ulcers, providing instant relief. If the mucous remains in place long enough, the stomach ulcers will begin to heal.


Consuming Solaray Cool Cayenne Pepper also helps with the body’s digestive function, since cayenne triggers the body to produce hydrochloric acid. This acid is necessary for proper food digestion. Once digestion efficiency is established, the body produces less gas and the stomach will feel less bloated. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that three Italian doctors were able to reduce symptoms of indigestion in patients by giving them daily doses of red pepper or cayenne pepper.


Capsaicin also opens the blood vessels, which improves circulation and increases the body’s temperature. These heating factors can stimulate circulation, particularly increasing blood flow to the hands and feet. This property of Solaray Cool Cayenne Pepper is especially helpful among people with rheumatoid arthritis, as it brings warmth to the skin and increases the blood flow of nutrients. When applied topically in a warm compress, Solaray Cool Cayenne Pepper can relieve arthritis pains. Once applied to the skin, the cayenne pepper causes a minor irritation to that specific area; that irritation distracts the nerves from the joint pain due to arthritis.

Heart Problems

Cayenne pepper is also commonly used for its ability to increase the activity of the heart and cardiovascular system. Not only does the cayenne stimulate blood flow, it also dissolves any fibrin in the blood, eliminating the risk of fatal blood clots. The late Dr. John Christopher, a naturalist, used hot cayenne pepper tea with heart attack patients to prevent subsequent attacks because he believed that hot cayenne tea opens up all the cells, bringing the cayenne directly to the heart along with nutrients from throughout the body, which then allows the heart to regain its normal function.

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