First Stage of Genital Warts

First Stage of Genital Warts
First Stage of Genital Warts (Image: medvetz:

The Basics

Genital warts are the result of a person becoming infected with a very specific type of virus. In most cases this is because a person has contracted some form of the herpes virus. When a person enters the first stage of a genital wart infection, they very well could experience no symptoms. A person could be infected with genital warts for anywhere from two months up to nine months and not have a single wart appear on the body. At some point (depending on the person) the skin will become red and a person will feel an itchy sensation in the area that has become infected. It is at this first sign of irritation that a person should consult a licensed physician for recommendations on medical treatment.

Red Bumps

During these early stages of genital warts a person will notice small bumps appear in their genital region. These bumps can be either red or blue. Sometimes they will simply be the same color as the person's flesh. At this point in the infection the bumps are generally not painful but can still be itchy. These bumps can manifest themselves anywhere from the genital region to a person's anus.

Once the warts manifest themselves they will slowly begin to grow in both size and numbers. Generally a grouping of bumps will appear in the same area of the body.


If genital warts are noticed in these early stages and untreated the condition will worsen but will generally disappear over time. They simply "die" and fall off of a person's body. However, this is not true in all cases. The results vary from person to person. It is because of this that doctors generally tend to recommend the removal of genital warts in these first stages before the condition worsens. There are a number of prescription medications as well as minor surgical treatments that will help a person control genital warts. As the stages progress they typically become greater in numbers, larger and more painful for the person. As the stages progress they also become more resistant to medication and harder to treat, which is why it is best to get them taken care of sooner rather than later.

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