How Caffeine Effects the Body

How Caffeine Effects the Body
How Caffeine Effects the Body (Image: flaivoloka:

Factors to Consider

While it is true that caffeine affects each and every individual, specifically how it affects them will depend on the person. A number of factors, including weight, age and sex, can all alter the way caffeine affects someone. Whether a person is pregnant will also change the way caffeine affects the way her body works. Caffeine will have different effects on smokers than it will on the rest of the population. Lastly, the amount of caffeine and how often it is ingested is perhaps the biggest factor in how it affects a person's body. A person who has a pot of coffee a day will build up both a tolerance and a dependence to caffeine, much the same way people who regularly drink do with alcohol. The effects of caffeine will be greater in a person who maybe only has one cup of coffee a week.


Caffeine is considered to be a mildly addictive substance. As quickly as 18 to 24 hours after a person takes caffeine into their body he can start to feel the symptoms of withdrawal. These can be as mild as a headache or as serious as depression and a loss of focus. Fatigue is also a common effect when a person hasn't had caffeine for awhile. If a person is attempting to give up caffeine, it is recommended that he do so gradually to reduce the symptoms of withdrawal. Symptoms are said to dissipate around a week after caffeine has last been ingested into the body.


Caffeine in general has a number of effects on the natural processes of the body. For starters it can quickly and easily raise a person's blood pressure. It can also irritate the lining of a person's stomach because it causes more stomach acid than normal to be produced. This can result in stomach aches and even ulcers. Large amounts of caffeine can also make the digestive processes of your body more difficult because it causes the muscles found in the intestines to relax themselves. Caffeine is also considered a diuretic, which means that it can cause increased urination.

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