How Long Can Benzoyl Peroxide Last?



  • Benzoyl peroxide is used for treating acne, and is best used daily. It is the most common acne treatment on the market, and can be found in many acne spot treatments and some facial cleansers. This treatment is relatively inexpensive and can be used regularly to treat acne either in adolescents or adults.
    Products on the market today have various amounts of benzoyl peroxide in them. There is no "standard" amount set in each product, so a user should take note of the amount of benzoyl peroxide in the product and make adjustments if necessary. The more benzoyl peroxide in a product, the more it may dry out or disturb your skin. If this is the case, you may either need to use less of the product or switch to a different product that contains less (or more, if its not doing the job) benzoyl peroxide.

Effects and How Long It Lasts

  • Overall, benzoyl peroxide appears to cause the least amount of side effects when compared to other acne treatments on the market. Benzoyl peroxide does not cause any long-term side effects, and doesn't create drug resistance as some acne treatments can.
    The only side effects related to the use of benzoyl peroxide is some minor irritation and possible blistering of the skin after using it repeatedly for a period of one to three weeks. Benzoyl peroxide may create dry patches on the areas where it is used during this time, so be sure to also use a good moisturizer. Be careful of having benzoyl peroxide come in contact with hair or fabrics, as some discoloration may occur. Some researchers are also concerned that consistent use of benzoyl peroxide (over many years) may lead to the development of skin cancer. This concern stems from a patient's increased sensitivity to sunlight when using benzoyl peroxide. Individuals who use benzoyl peroxide should be sure to use caution when going into the sun and always use sunscreen.
    Benzoyl peroxide will work effectively on your skin for about 24 hours. In order to get the best results, wash and re-apply the benzoyl peroxide product daily. Any products containing benzoyl peroxide as an ingredient will last on the shelf for approximately two years from the date it was manufactured before it will begin to lose its effectiveness.


  • The main benefits of benzoyl peroxide are that the product is relatively inexpensive, is readily available in over-the-counter acne treatments at all major drug stores and is a proven treatment to help battle mild to moderate acne.
    Benzoyl peroxide is available in products such as Clearasil, ProActiv and other brand names, as well as various generic brands. The difference between brand names and generic brands is usually only the cost. Be sure to check the list of ingredients and the amount of benzoyl peroxide in the products when comparing brand names to generics. For the most part, you will be able to find an acne spot treatment for under $5 and a facial cleanser for under $7 at any major drug store.
    When applying the product, rub it in gently and leave the area untouched for as long as possible. You should first wash the area with a gentle cleanser, dry your skin, then apply a small amount of the benzoyl peroxide product to the affected area, and then apply a good moisturizer. Try this treatment one to two times daily and keep the regimen going even after the acne has cleared up for the best results.


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