Why Would an LG Phone Shut Off?


Faulty Battery Terminals

  • As electrical devices, LG phone handsets must receive a constant infusion of electricity to properly function. On most LG handsets, this electricity is provided by an installed battery that connects to the phone's internal works through a number of copper or gold-plated battery terminals. Over time, these terminals can become corroded or otherwise lose their conductivity, inhibiting the flow of electricity from the battery into the phone. Common on older LG phones and those that have been exposed to harsh environments (including excessive heat or humidity), this problem can usually be resolved by cleaning the battery connectors with a pencil eraser or cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. If the battery terminals appear shiny or untarnished, however, the problem may lie elsewhere in the phone.

Physical Hardware Bugs

  • Some owners of LG phones have noted that their phones only spontaneously shut off under certain physical conditions. The specific physical conditions may vary slightly, but users commonly reported that the phones shut off if the phone was physically compressed while the backlight was on. There has been no official diagnosis of the issue from LG or from phone providers, but users speculate that certain phone cases create pressure on a combination of phone keys that cause the phone to power down; other users also speculate that the phone experiences a conflict when certain keys press against the circuitry that activates the backlight, though the backlight is not a causal factor on all models of LG phones. Finally, some electronics-inclined users speculate that a physical flaw on certain LG circuit boards may cause the phones to spontaneously shut off, and this issue must be rectified through a complete refurbish of the phone.

Software Bugs

  • While physical problems may account for sporadic power issues on some phone models, users have also noted that potential software issues may cause the phone to power down. One user noted that his LG CU500 phone powered down when a number of alarms were set to sound simultaneously, and speculated that numerous concurrent software processes could create a software conflict that results in the phone powering off. Other users have noted that a bulky call log or very large files stored on the phone may cause it to spontaneously power down. In either case, the overwhelming demands on the phone's memory and processor may cause it to power down in an attempt to resolve harmful software conflicts.

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