How Do Humans Grow Taller?

  • Genes determine in part how tall a human will grow. Another factor in human growth is diet and nutrition, so it is very important for children and adolescents to eat proper foods, such as plenty of fruits and vegetables. When a baby is born, the genes stimulate growth hormones that work when the baby stretches or sleeps. These hormones continue to work through childhood and puberty. After a person reaches puberty, the growth hormones stop stimulating growth, and the person has reached his maximum height.


  • When the mother feeds her child, the nourishment stimulates the child's body to release hormones, which work to strengthen muscles and promote growth. The growth hormone works mainly after meals, when stretching and for a bit when the child sleeps. Stretching comes naturally to the baby as the body seeks to grow into the new, larger skin. You may see the child stretching in his sleep or right after he wakes up.This is a normal part of the growing process.


  • As a child grows into his teens, the body's natural growth hormone instructs it to grow the various parts of the body, such as the reproductive organs, while the body continues to reach for its maximum height. The teenager will begin to look clumsy since his hands and feet grow first and the rest of his body catches up. By his late teens, the child's body size will have caught up with the hands and feet and he will look proportional again.


  • Many teenagers grow many inches in one season. The reason for this is the hormone testosterone, which begins to kick in during puberty, causing the reproduction organs to mature along with increasing actual height. Testosterone works this way in both males and females, according to Forty Foot Kids This growth starts on the outside and works inward accounting for the long and lanky look of the teenager. Most of this development takes place in one year with the body reaching near or at its ultimate height at the end of this development.


  • Once a person gets past puberty, the natural growth hormone ceases to work. The person will not grow any taller naturally. There are ways to make oneself look taller such as wearing lifts in shoes or standing up straighter. Posture goes a long way to adding an inch or so to the person's natural height. Keep your back straight and hold your head up high and you will look a bit taller without adding any growth.


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