The Development of a Fetus at 26 Weeks

  1. Fetal Development

    • 26-weeks into a pregnancy, this marks the end of the second trimester. The average baby measures 14-inches long head to toe and nearly 2 pounds in weight. At this stage, the hands are very active and baby's eyes are beginning to open for the first time. The eye color is now beginning to develop.

    Lung Development

    • The lungs are getting a good workout. Your baby is just starting to make breathing movements, although no air enters the lungs, it provides good practice for when he is born. The baby will continue taking these small breaths, filling the lungs with amniotic fluid. The lungs will also begin to release a greasy material known as surfactant. This coats the lungs so they do not stick together when baby exhales after birth.

    Active Development

    • At 26-weeks, your baby's hands are becoming more active and muscle coordination is beginning. During ultra sounds, don't be surprised if you can see him sucking his thumb. This strengthens the cheek and jaw muscles and can sooth him. You are probably feeling much more activity because most movement is normally felt between weeks 24 trough 28. Your baby's spine is growing longer and stronger. It is about the length of an adult hand and is supporting his back as he moves about his little temporary home.

    Brain Development

    • As baby's brain develops, you may feel more response to your actions. Babies can feel and respond to your touch through the belly. You may also notice his response to voices and music. Around 27 weeks, the nerves in the ear are developed. Your baby has a chance to get use to your voice.

    Mom's Development

    • Your baby is growing fast and brain growth is an essential part of his development. Ensure you are getting the proper nutrition and getting plenty or rest and mild exercise. Remember, your health is directly related to baby's health. You should begin feeling a tightening and relaxing in your belly, which are Braxton Hicks contractions. They are intended to get your body ready for the birth. As long as they are irregular, you have nothing to worry about.

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