Home Plans for Building a Wheelchair for a Pet


Various Parts

Acquire the necessary parts for building a dog’s wheelchair at a local pet store, hardware store and sports outlet; and acquire the proper wheels for a pet’s wheelchair at a baby store. Find the right size of harness for the size of the dog, cat or other medium-to-large pet. Use tennis racket padding to add cushioning to the wheelchair. Make the wheelchair mobile by adding a pair of pneumatic wheels to the design. Use an aluminum pole, along with a pair of dome nuts and locking nuts, to support the chair.

Harness and Cart

Connect the harness to a U-shaped bar. Use a strong industrial tape or tennis racket tape to secure the harness to the U-shaped bar. You can also create the seating for the wheelchair by cutting a tube of large PVC pipe down the middle, creating a half pipe where the dog can rest in the center, and then mounting the wheels to the sides of the PVC pipe. For larger pets, the U-shaped frame is necessary for creating the shoulder bar. Use metal piping to create a frame for the length of the pet’s body, with the seat support at the rear of the wheelchair cart.


Strip the axles and wheels from a baby stroller (very light of weight, with good stability, and mount the wheels to the wheelchair frame with nuts and bolts. Fasten a mounting block made from a plastic or wood bread-cutting board to the wheelchair frame with screws and bolts. (Lightweight pets, such as a small puppy, need only a sheet of plywood or metal for the mounting block.) Attach axles to the mounting block.

Leg Support

Create leg support from a cloth sling. Cut holes from the cloth sling to allow the pet’s front legs to fit through them. Assemble the leg-support sling to the wheelchair by driving screws through the sling material and the wheelchair frame. Sew a soft or cushioned material into the holes to make the edges more comfortable for the pet’s legs. Attach cloth for the rear legs to the wheelchair frame to keep the hind legs from dragging on the ground. If the pet’s front legs are injured or amputated, then position the leg-support sling with holes on the frame for the back legs to drive the wheelchair.

Chest Support

Run a net from the head of the wheelchair to the sides of the frame to implement chest support into your pet’s wheelchair. Secure the edges to the wheelchair with screws and bolts or by attaching a Velcro strap to the frame. Install padding for the chest support.

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