Replacing Lincoln Continental Fuel Filters

  • Replacing Lincoln Continental fuel filters requires a spring expander tool. The fuel filter and the fuel lines to the injectors are held in with a circular spring housed in the end of the line. The line itself that the spring clamp slides over has a raised part on the line, and when the spring connector is pushed over this section, the clamp expands to go over the raised section and then collapses once more on the other side, holding the two pieces together. The spring expander tool is a small L-shaped expander the fits over the line and when pushed into the spring expands the spring so it will enable the pieces to be separated.

  • Lift the hood and locate the Schraeder valve on top of the fuel rail. The fuel rail sits on the injectors. It looks like a bicycle tire valve. Remove the cap and use a small screwdriver or similar tool and press in slightly on the valve stem to release any pressure in the fuel line. It is a good idea to put a rag in front of the valve for the escaping fuel, but there won't be much lost (mostly pressure).

    Raise and support the car on jack stands for safety. The fuel filter is on the driver's side about midway back on the frame rail. Loosen the pinch bolt that holds the filter to the bracket. Insert the fuel line tool onto the metal line with the long end facing the filter. Push the end of the tool into the spring with a little twisting motion, keeping a little pressure on the tool toward the filter. Once the spring is expanded over the tool, rotate the filter a little and pull it away from the line to separate the two. Once the one side is separated, do the same to the other side. Be careful--though there is no longer fuel pressure, the filter is still full of fuel and will pour out if tipped. Pull the filter out of the bracket.

  • Before installing the new filter, make sure that it is oriented properly. There is an arrow on the filter pointing toward the engine that says "flow." Install the filter into the bracket with the arrow pointing forward. Insert the fuel lines with the spring locks one at a time. Push the filter hard enough to hear or see the spring snap into place. Do the other line the same way and then tighten the pinch bolt in the bracket. Cycle the ignition key several times to prime the fuel line and check for leaks.

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