How Does a Goat Produce Milk?

How Does a Goat Produce Milk?
How Does a Goat Produce Milk? (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Mammory Glands

Female mammals, including goats, all come equipped with mammary glands. Mammary glands are where lactation takes place. Lactation is the process by which the glands make milk, or a secretion intended of nursing young that is composed of calcium, protein, saturated fats and vitamins.

Milking a goat
Milking a goat

Goats and Milk

Milk production is started by hormones that are released in increased amounts during pregnancy. Their lactation period lasts for 10 months, and a typical goat can be expected to produce 3 to 4 quarts on an average day. Lactation does not require pregnancy and can be either physically induced, or brought about using drugs.

Food and the Flock

Major factors in how goat's milk turns out are to be found in what a goat eats and whether there is a male in the flock. The presence of a male will strongly affect the scent of goat's milk. In terms of food, goats are able to eat and digest almost anything that is organic and can be chewed and swallowed. However, they prefer the woody stems of bushes and trees, and the best goat's milk comes from the best diet. Particularly interesting flavors can be derived from goats that feed on wild herbs.

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