How Does Yoga Help the Body & Mind?



  • Yoga is an increasingly popular exercise module across the United States and the world. Since yoga can be performed in a relatively small space, and gym memberships may not have to be purchased in order to take part in it, its popularity has and will continue to grow. Beyond the convenience benefits yoga offers, regular participation has effects on both the body and mind. Yoga combines exercise with meditation, making it a manifold effort in controlling more than one area of need. Meditation has been scientifically supported to show both a normalization of blood pressure and an increase in oxygenated blood flow to the various organs of the body.


  • Balance is a technique practiced often in yoga exercises. Many of the positions involve shifting your weight to different parts of the body and balancing while breathing deeply. Balance is a critical function we use in everyday life to walk and stand. Working on your balance through yoga can help you to do these more efficiently without shifting your weight unnecessarily. The deep breathing involved in yoga also helps those who perform these exercises to control their breathing more efficiently. Controlled breathing exercises are associated with emotional management, which helps restore oxygen to the brain. Heightened oxygen in the brain allows you to think more clearly and uninhibited so that concise decisions can be made.

Strength and Regulation

  • Another effect yoga can have when done on a regular basis is that it promotes strength, creating a stronger, leaner muscle. Positions must be held for a certain amount of time, which also helps build endurance in your muscles. Exercises that build strength also promote sleep, which can help to regulate unhealthy sleep habits. Without enough sleep the problem-solving processes in the brain become diminished, which is another way yoga helps the mind to be able to operate at a high level. Yoga is also a low-impact exercise, which is best for people who are unable to perform high-impact exercises that are hard on the joints and limbs. This makes yoga an optimal exercise for rehabilitation after an injury.

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