Replacing a Kenmore Washer Front Door Seal

  1. Buying the Right Supplies and Tools

    • It is important to order a replacement seal that is designed to fit the specific Kenmore washer model you own. Verify the model name and number by reviewing the documentation that came with the washer, the printed sticker on the back of the washer or any identifying decals or plates on the front of the machine. Then you can order the proper replacement seal kit directly from Kenmore or from any third-party washing machine parts supplier that makes model-specific parts for Kenmore washers. You may not need any special tools to complete the replacement process, but that depends on the kind of bands that are used to hold the seal in place on your machine. To change the seals on some models, you will need a small prying tool like a flat screwdriver to remove and reinstall these bands.

    Removing the Old Seal

    • Take a close look at the seal and how it's held in place. You should be able to see two reinforced rubber bands holding the seal onto the machine on each side. On most Kenmore washers, these are nothing more than oversized rubber bands which must be pried off with a screwdriver or some other prying tool. But on a few models, the seals are held in place with cords that can be loosened by turning a small knob or wheel located somewhere along each cord. If you do not see a knob or wheel on either band, you can assume that they are ordinary bands and should carefully pry each one off with a flat-edged tool. Otherwise, turn the knob or wheel to the left until the cord is loose enough to be removed easily. Take note of the direction the seal is facing; not all Kenmore washing machine seals are symmetrical, and you will need to install the new one facing the same direction. After both bands have been taken off, the seal can be pulled off of the machine with little force.

    Putting on the New Seal

    • Put the new seal on a little at a time, starting at the bottom of the opening. Once it is in place, push it on completely all the way around the circumference of the opening. After that, all that remains is to reinstall the old rubber bands or, if your new seal kit came with replacement bands, install the new ones. If you have the ordinary rubber band type, you will need to use your prying tool to push each band over the lip of the seal after you've put it most of the way on. If you have the kind you can tighten or loosen, make sure it is loose enough to put on easily. Then just slide it over the seal and tighten the cord until it is secure.

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