How Does Urine Cure Fungus?


Fungus is a common human ailment that many people suffer from, but no one discusses. Fungal cures are also common, however many cause side effects that are difficult to bear. Fungal infections are also difficult to cure completely the first time. This is a problem for those who do not have the means to afford a doctor’s appointment or even the medication that the doctor has prescribed. There is an alternative. It is a free and natural cure that is a bit unorthodox, thus it fit the category of alternative medicine. This cure is urine.

Actually, urine has been used for medicinal purposes throughout history. From the monasteries of India to the Great American Plains, ancient people have practiced urine therapy for thousands of years

Human urine is, in fact, a sterile liquid. It also has medicinal purposes that are unknown to the public at large. Although urine is estimated to be 95 percent water, it is the five percent of a chemical called urea that makes urine therapy plausible. Urea is actually used in medicinal antifungal creams as an active ingredient. The urea breaks up the tough, scaly skin that is a result of the fungal infection. When used in antifungal medicines, this action allows the fungicide to penetrate and annihilate the fungal infection.

Some experts however argue that the amount of water in urine heavily dilutes the urea. This inhibits the chemical’s ability to affect the affect tissue. In addition, without a fungicide, it is believed that urine has little effect. Believers, however, say that the rinsing action of the urine applied externally allows the fungus to wash away. There is no clear evidence on the truth or fiction of urine therapy.

There are a few ways to use urine in curing fungal infections, especially those in the foot. Urine therapy dictates that n order to cure toe nail fungus, one must treat the infection from the inside out. This means drinking sterilized urine. It is reported that ingesting three cups a day will yield results within a few days.You can also treat the fungal infection by bathing the feet in urine.

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