How Does an Electric Bicycle Work?

  • The electric bicycle is a new technology that is gaining popularity all over the world. This bike is a viable option for people who do not have the strength to pedal up steep hills or to pedal when carrying heavy loads. An electric bike uses a motor to do some or all of the pedaling. The electric bike is part of a group of products called light electric vehicles or LEVs. These LEVs also include foldable scooters and one-person cars. People like the electric bike because it is an inexpensive, quiet and eco-friendly alternative to a car.

Parts of Electric Bicycle

  • It is the motor and battery that make a bike an electric bike. The motor provides most of the effect when pedaling. There are four main parts of an electric bicycle. Two of these parts are common on standard bikes--the frame and spokes and the brakes An electric bicycle has two other parts--the motor and batteries. An electric bicycle uses a wide range of motors and batteries. The motor of an electric bike is usually in the hub of the front wheel or the back wheel. The hubs on an electric bike is much larger to accommodate the motor. The battery used for an electric bicycle needs to be powerful, yet lightweight. If the battery is heavy most of the power is used to carry the extra load. Lithium-ion batteries are a good choice, but they are expensive. Another option is rechargeable nickel cadmium batteries (or nicad) batteries. These batteries can give you a range of 10 to 40 miles before recharging is needed depending on speed and terrain. As for the frame, the seat is usually made of aluminum, a lightweight material which helps keep the bike lighter. But the spokes are a lot stronger than those on a regular bike. Because of the motor in the hub turning the wheels, the spokes have to be able to withstand this extra power. The brakes on the electric bike are similar to those on standard bike. With an electric bike once you turn on the motor you can use the bike.

Benefits of an Electric Bike

  • There are many advantageous of using an electric bicycle. First of all the cost of a bike is far less expensive than a moped or scooter. The only recurring cost is the battery. An electric bike makes it a lot easier to travel hills with just a little effort. People use an electric bike for running local errands, and because of the motor it is easier to use when carrying heavy packages. An electric bikes also provides exercise, but because it goes at higher speeds, the wind cools the rider and cuts down on sweating. People who use an electric bike to commute to work won't arrive at the office hot and sweaty. Some people also think that the electric bike is safer than the standard bicycle. While the electric bike is growing in popularity in the United States, it still is not as prevalent in other countries where the electric bike has replaced having a second car.

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