Where Do Freckles Come From?


Stars With Freckles

  • Lindsey Lohan's early career was boosted by them. Lara Flynn Boyle has been nominated for several acting awards with them. Academy-Award nominated actress Julianne Moore displays them in all of her movies. What do all three famous faces have in common? Freckles. Those specks on the skin may have caused teasing in the early days, but it's clear that freckles can accent your face into celebrity status.

Freckles and Types

  • Freckles are circular skin spots that are usually a shade or two darker than the rest of your skin; they come from increased melanin. People with lighter-colored skin tend to have more freckles than others. They can grow almost anywhere on your body's surface, usually showing up on the cheeks, nose and shoulders. Freckles can come from repeated sunlight exposure, getting lighter during winter months and darker during the summer.

    Freckles come in two types: Ephelides and Lentigines. Ephelides are light brown and reddish flat spots. They are a genetic trait with some families, typically with ones that have red-headed, green-eyed members. They show up in sunnier months.

    Lentigine freckles are usually darker and actually can come from sunburns. Some appear as a rare genetic complex. The Lentigo complex refers to lentigine freckles that do not fade during the winter months.

Getting Rid of Freckles

  • Although some celebrities like the ones mentioned above have used freckles to accent their look, those who do not want them can reduce their appearance. Wearing sunscreen during the summer months will help defer freckle development. For actual freckle removal, there are a number of suggestions that range from home remedies to professional procedures. Bleaching creams have been known to rid freckles, according to beauty-cosmetic-guide.com. Home remedies such as washing your face with sour milk are supposed to work because lactic acid will help your skin peel. Freezing them with liquid nitrogen and using prescription-strength retinoid cream have also been proven to be effective.

    Laser treatment is another option for freckle removal. Doctors would typically give you a local anesthetic around the freckle area and then use a laser to get rid of your skin's top layer. It can take two weeks to heal from that procedure, with no guaranteed results in some people's cases.

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