How Does a Swimming Pool Ionizer Work?


Sanitizing Your Pool

  • A swimming pool ionizer sanitizes your water by using copper and silver ions in the place of chemicals to kill bacteria, algae and viruses. The water in a swimming pool naturally contains negatively charged particles that cannot be filtered because they are too tiny. A pool ionizer uses a very low voltage current to discharge silver and copper ions into the pool. These ions have a negative charge, so they bond to and kill bacteria, viruses and algae. They do so by penetrating the cell walls and disrupting the enzyme balance of the cell. Not only do they kill these things, but by bonding to them, they also make them big enough to filter with the pool's filtering system.

Shock the Water

  • This low voltage "shock" sometimes turns the water a whitish color. This is just a sign that the ionizer is working, that the bacteria, viruses and algae has been killed, and that the particles are now big enough to be filtered. In fact, once the water has been filtered, it will be sparkling clean. It will also have been sanitized without the use of harsh chemicals.

    Scientific tests done by the University of Arizona have shown that the use of mineral ions, when used with trace amounts of chlorine, are over one thousand times more effective against algae, bacteria and viruses than just using chlorine alone.

Safer Than Chlorine

  • A pool ionizer is safer and easier to use than harsh, nasty smelling, chemical water cleaners. The silver and copper ions are not harmful to humans and will not cause skin irritation or red eyes as chlorine often does. A swimming pool ionizer works to clean your water without adding any toxic chemicals, although you can add a small amount of chlorine if you wish, and it will not interfere with the cleaning process.

    A swimming pool ionizer reduces the need to add residual chlorine to the water, although you can add a small amount to speed the cleaning process. Most ionizers suggest only adding 0.4 ppm of chlorine, and only if the water is cloudy and/or above 90 degrees F. This low amount of chlorine ensures that pipes and equipment will not be damaged.

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