How Does Goo Gone Work?


What is Goo Gone?

  • Goo Gone is an oil-based cleaner and solvent that safely removes gummy, grimey and gooey messes. Goo Gone is made with all natural ingredients, and will not harm most other commercial products such as carpet or plastic, or the environment. Goo Gone has a long shelf life and can withstand cold and warm temperatures without losing its effectiveness. Goo Gone comes in a variety of sizes from large one gallon bottles for commercial use and tough jobs down to a small two-ounce spray bottle or spray pen that can be carried in a purse or in the car. There is an aerosol can available that makes for ease of use and applies just the right amount of formula to prevent over spray and waste of product.

    There are several varieties of Goo Gone. The standard household variety works well for spot cleaning items and small stains. The spray gel is thicker than the liquid and is perfect for items such as curtains that stand upright, because the solution will not drip. The pro-power spray gel is industrial strength, twice as potent as the household formula. It can be used for heavy stains and spills. There is also a painter's pal, which works on removing dried paint and caulk stains, and a sticker remover that helps to take off the sticky residue of an old sticker or decal from a door or window.

Used on different surfaces

  • Goo Gone is safe to use on most surfaces and won't damage or stain. Goo Gone is used on a variety of surfaces including plastic items, hardwood floors, carpeting, counter tops, upholstery, clothing, brick, metal, glass and ceramic. Kids' rooms are a popular place for Goo Gone to be used for removing crayon marks off of the walls and doors, paint and gum from carpeting and bedspreads and sticker adhesives from wood doors and windows. Goo Gone saves the consumer hundreds of dollars because when a stain or stubborn smudge can be removed with one Goo Gone application, you're less likely to need to replace expensive furniture and carpeting. Goo Gone can leave behind an oily residue that needs to be rubbed away with a soft cloth or microfiber cloth after it has finished removing the stain.

Cleaning up gooey messes

  • Goo Gone goes after sticky messes that have a tar or adhesive texture. The citrus oil and solvent attacks the adhesive and bond of the stain and breaks it apart, dissolving the base and leaving behind the byproduct---which can then easily be wiped away. Goo Gone works hard at removing stubborn messes and stains caused from chewing gum, tape, adhesives, blood, mascara, oil, tar, paint, stickers, syrup, peanut butter, lipstick, butter, margarine, candle wax, melted cheese, dried paint, nail polish, caulk and spackling.

    With Goo Gone it doesn't matter how long the stain has been set---it will work just as well with a set stain as it does with a new stain because all it has to do is remove the bonded up structure of the stain that is causing the sticky or gooey texture. Often, the longer a stain has set the quicker the Goo Gone solution remedies the issue.

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