How Does a Colon Cleanser Work?



  • Not to be confused with taking laxatives, colon cleansing involves the process of reaching deep into the layers of excess debris on one's colon and cleaning it out. Laxatives on the other hand purportedly create dependency and only superficially clean the colon.

The Reason for Colon Cleansing

  • A properly functioning digestive system eliminates the unused food material that is not absorbed by the body. Practicing clean dietary habits along with eating ample amounts of fiber and drinking water help to maintain a healthy functioning colon. Unfortunately, eating too much of the wrong types of foods for extended periods of time interfere with the body's ability to properly eliminate all of the unused food. As a result, not only does the digestion process slow down, but also the undigested food begin to cling to the walls of the colon.

    The longer the improper dietary habits continue, the slower the digestion process becomes and the more fecal mater clings to the wall of the colon. Over time the colon walls become thick with layer after layer of the toxic buildup. The only way to truly remove the build up is to perform a colon cleanse.

Colon Cleansing Products

  • The purpose of a colon cleanse is to remove the layers of toxins and fecal matter that has built up along the walls of the colon. To do so, it takes time. A properly cleaned colon is not cleaned over night. It took years to create the toxic condition; it will take several weeks to undo the damage.

    There are several colon-cleansing products available on the market. Whether one decides to use a homemade combination of herbs and health products, or purchase a commercial product, one should thoroughly research the claims and the ingredients used for colon cleansing. Some "all natural" products can have just as harmful side effects as synthetic drugs.

    Before purchasing a commercial colon cleansing product, be sure to research not only the ingredients, but also the reputation of the company selling the product. Be wary of claims of overnight results and seemingly unrealistic testimonials.

Serendipitous Colon Cleansing Benefits

  • Cleaning out the colon not only speeds the digestion process, but it also improves the body's ability to efficiently absorb nutrients from food. After completing a colon cleanse, many individuals find that long standing conditions such as candida, acne, constipation, excessive gas and even the hard to get rid of abdominal girth have all disappeared.

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