When Does Colic Start and End in Preemies?

  1. What is Colic?

    • Colic, commonly called infant colic or 3-month colic, is a condition in which a baby will cry for no apparent reason. No amount of coaxing, food, or sleep will seem to help the baby, and the child is otherwise completely healthy. Colic is fairly common, especially among preemies. Colic is usually the reason for unexplained crying in preemies. Doctors attribute colic to a sensitive nervous system combined with an intense change in environment after leaving the womb.

    How Long Does Colic Last?

    • There is no established treatment for colic. Prescriptions like dicyclomine and simethicone, as well as herbal remedies like fennel, chamomile and gripe water, are considered to calm the child. Colic can last between 6 weeks and 6 months, but may last even longer. It will take some time for you to figure out exactly what the child needs to soothe him or her, but car rides, stomach rubs and cuddling are a few suggestions.

    What to Do if Colic Continues

    • If your child is still colicky after 6 months, see a doctor and discuss any other symptoms your child may have. If colic seems to be getting worse, do not be alarmed. Usually, colicky symptoms will peak around 4 to 6 weeks and begin to get better over the next couple months. If your child is still crying uncontrollably throughout the end of his or her first year, a doctor can give you some other symptoms to look for in case colic is the wrong diagnosis.

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