Does Hairspray Make You Tan Faster?


Does Hairspray Make You Tan Faster?

  • Some hairspray, when applied to the skin, will in fact make a person tan faster. This is only true of hairspray that contains a good amount of oil in its chemical makeup. Such hairspray will, in essence, act as tanning oil and the oil within the hairspray will intensify the skin's exposure to the sunlight, just as tanning oil does. This will cause the skin to tan, or burn, more rapidly. It bears mentioning, however, that most hairspray doesn't have enough oil in it to produce a noticeable tanning difference.

Should I Use Hairspray to Tan Faster?

  • It is not advisable to use hairspray as a tanning product. The worst thing about doing so is the fact that hairspray contains a high concentration of alcohol and other volatile chemicals. These chemicals can cause severe drying of your skin when sprayed on and left for any lengthy period of time. If your skin is exposed to this regularly, it can cause serious damage to your skin. Along with this, hairspray simply isn't as effective at speeding the tanning process as are commercial tanning oils. Such tanning oils are relatively inexpensive and work much better than hairspray does.

What are the Dangers of Speeding the Tanning Process?

  • Even though it's common knowledge that the UV radiation that causes tanning or sunburns is extremely bad for your skin, many people still choose to tan. By speeding the tanning process with hairspray or tanning oil, however, tanning becomes even more dangerous. There is no "safe" level of tanning. By intensifying UV radiation exposure using hairspray or tanning oil, a person puts his or herself at an elevated risk for skin cancer. Excessive tanning can also lead to prematurely aged skin.

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