Why Are Mosquitoes Attracted to Certain People?


Natural Body Odors

  • Mosquitoes are attracted to certain people because of scent. The main scent they are attracted to is a natural one that is different for every person. Some people have a natural scent that is very attractive to mosquitoes, while others have a scent that does not attract mosquitoes or only has a mild attraction.

Lotion and Other Scents

  • In addition to natural scents, mosquitoes are attracted to many scents that people apply to their skin, including scents in lotion, soaps and clothing detergents. Generally, mosquitoes like sweet, flowery-type scents and will be attracted to people wearing those scents.

Scents Created By Food

  • Certain foods create scents that are emitted from pores, just like natural body odors. While some foods, like garlic, are believed to repel mosquitoes, other foods can make a person more attractive to mosquitoes. Salty foods like peanuts, chips and popcorn and those high in potassium like bananas can make a mosquito more attracted to people who have recently consumed them.

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