How Do Robots Get Used in Space?

  • Robots have long fascinated mankind. They have been used in all kinds of inventions and for a variety of different purposes. In more recent years, robots have helped us learn about the vast worlds of stars and planets. There are a number of different things a robot in space can do, the most important one being collecting information by using video cameras for visual recordings and different extensions from their body for picking up samples of soil and rocks from the surface. They may also have censors that monitor a planet's temperature as well.

  • Why send robots instead of people? It's all a matter of safety and technology. In some cases it is safer to send a robot. They do not have to worry about breathing, eating or sleeping, and they can withstand extreme temperatures and conditions that would kill a human being. If something happens to a robot, or if it gets lost, then it is still only a piece of machinery. There is also those situations where there is not enough technology to send a human. Some planets have harsh conditions that a space suit cannot handle, and others are simply too far away to fly a person to.

  • There are some obvious disadvantages when it come to using robots for space travel. The first is the cost. It takes a lot of money to build these robots and fly them to space. Then there is the chance that something will happen to the robot. It could easily get lost or destroyed, or simply malfunction while on the planet it is exploring. For these obvious reasons, this area of technology still has some advancements to make to be more reliable in the future.

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