How Do You Catch Flesh Eating Disease?

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What is Flesh Eating Disease?

  • The flesh eating disease is technically known as necrotizing fasciitis. It is a rare type of bacterial infection within the skin, or even within the underlying tissue, that is extremely contagious and can spread very rapidly. There are actually several different types of bacteria that can cause the flesh eating disease to occur. Despite this fact, however, the effects are generally the same, and treatment options don't vary much depending on the actual bacterial type involved in the infection.

How Do You Catch Flesh Eating Disease?

  • There are several different ways in which an individual can become infected with the bacteria responsible for an outbreak of flesh eating disease. The one unifying feature between all the different ways the disease can be caught is that they all involve a breakage in the skin's surface. This break in the skin can be caused by trauma, surgery or even by something as slight as a pinprick or a minor abrasion. Once the skin is broken, however, the infection begins when the bacteria responsible for the flesh eating disease contaminate the site of the broken skin.

What are the Treatment Options for Someone with Necrotizing Fasciitis?

  • Once a diagnosis has been made and it is confirmed, or even highly suspected, that a patient is suffering from the flesh eating disease, it's of the utmost importance that immediate steps be taken. The flesh eating disease can be fatal, and often is, if immediate treatment is not undertaken. The first step in such treatment is surgical debridement of the infected tissue. Intravenous antibiotics should also be administered as soon as suspicion is aroused that flesh eating bacteria may be present.


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