How Many Kilograms Are in a Stone?


A stone is a British unit of measurement that corresponds to 6.35 kilograms. It is most often used to represent the weight of a person or an animal. The word "stone" as a weight measurement is used for the singular and plural. Historically, the stone measurement arose from the use of actual stones to measure the weight of consumer goods.

Historical Stone to Modern Stone

  • The number of kilograms in a stone initially varied by region and material, since each region had its own local, natural "measuring stones" and some used different stones to measure different items. When the British began exporting wool to Italy on a large scale, they had to standardize the measures for this material. One stone of wool was officially declared to be 14 imperial pounds in the year 1389, and the artificial "measuring stone" was born. "One stone" now means 14 avoirdupois pounds -- an international measurement corresponding to 0.45359237 kilograms -- regardless of the material measured.


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