How Do Black Females Get Rid of Facial Hair Without It Looking Noticeable?

How Do Black Females Get Rid of Facial Hair Without It Looking Noticeable?
How Do Black Females Get Rid of Facial Hair Without It Looking Noticeable? (Image: photo by Infoto with


If you are a black woman, you will face difficulty when it comes to ridding yourself of facial hair. Why? Besides the fact that your hair grows in curly, black skin tends to be extra sensitive and prone to flare-ups and scarring. So you have to pick your facial hair removal products wisely. They should be ones that don't leave any noticeable marks, but give you desirable end results.

Facial Hair Removal Process: Wax

Getting a wax job is one way for a black woman to remove facial hair without noticeable marks. Most beauty shops offer this service. A hair removal specialist will apply a hot wax solution to your face and remove the excess hair with paper. It is a process that works well on black skin, because the wax solution is gentle and not full of chemicals.

Facial Hair Removal Process: Herbal Supplement

Herbal supplements are another option for hair removal for a black woman. Kalo is a brand that sells gentle hair removal products and a herbal supplement that stops hair growth. By using the epilator system (pulls hair out from follicle roots) offered by Kalo and the herbal supplement, you can rid yourself of unsightly hair without leaving any scars.

Facial Hair Removal Process: Depilatory Lotions

Over-the-counter depilatory lotions tend to work well on black skin. Nair is a popular product because it offers a lotion specifically for facial hair removal that works well on sensitive skin. Just apply a warm wet towel to your face prior to applying the lotion to open up your pores, and add the lotion. It will give you the best results without any noticeable marks on your skin.

Facial Hair Removal Process: Electrolysis

Electrolysis is another method a black woman can use to get rid of facial hair without it being noticeable. Electrolysis uses heat and chemicals to deaden and remove facial hair. Overall, it will lighten any hair growth and also remove it at the roots. For most black women, electrolysis is safe, but it's best to get a treatment in a test area first before doing it all over your face.

Facial Hair Removal Process: Plucking and Oral Medication

A black woman who is just starting to see new hair growth can double up on hair plucking and taking a prescribed oral medication. The use of tweezers and Flutamide, a medication that slows hair follicle growth, will help with facial hair removal and the prevention of future hair growth. It's an easy combination that doesn't leave any facial marks.


Overall, black women need to concentrate on trying a few different processes for facial hair removal and use the one that is best for them. It is a process of elimination that can take time, but will be worth it in the end.

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