How Do Tarantulas Move?

How Do Tarantulas Move?
How Do Tarantulas Move? (Image:

Tarantulas Walk

Tarantulas use their eight walking legs in a deliberately slow marching pattern. On one side of the body, the first and third legs move forward, while simultaneously the second and fourth legs move forward on the other side. The legs bend at the joints; however, a tarantula must increase the blood pressure entering a leg to extend it.

Tarantulas Climb

Tarantulas have claws that grip on the tips of their feet and scopula pads that create a weak electrical attraction enabling them to climb. Their feet may also provide traction for slippery surfaces by producing glue like silk. These unique abilities enable a tarantula to scale and stick to many surfaces.

Tarantulas Rear and Pounce

When encountering prey or an enemy a tarantula can rear up and lift its front legs into the air above its head. The legs thrust towards the enemy in a deliberate way as if the spider is fencing an opponent. It can run speedily towards prey once located and then pounce to capture it.

Tarantulas Dig and Dance

After reaching sexual maturity and locating a mate, a tarantula will perform a special dance of courtship. Tarantulas are able to dig burrows in well-drained soil to make a home.

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