How Does a Tampon Work?


Understanding the Function of Tampons

  • Tampons are intended to be used by women during their menstrual cycles. Tampons are an absorbent device much like pads, and are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate your unique menstrual flow. The primary difference between tampons and pads is that pads are used outside of the body, while tampons are designed for use inside of the body. Neither necessarily works better than the other; it is a matter of personal choice and depends on what you are comfortable with.

Inserting Tampons

  • In order for a tampon to work, it must be inserted properly. This can be difficult if it is your first time using them. There are typically directions inside the box, which provide details about how to properly insert the tampon. If you are trying a tampon for the first time, it may help to use a hand held mirror to help familiarize you with the area. Also, it is best to try to relax and breathe easily while you are inserting the tampon, as your muscles will clench up if you are tense, just like your back or neck would after a stressful day.

The Way Tampons Work

  • Tampons are made of an absorbent material that is designed to expand when exposed to moisture. When you originally insert the tampon, this material is hard and dry. As it is exposed to the moisture caused by the menstrual flow, it expands and softens to catch the moisture before it reaches your underwear. As long as you are using the right size tampon, inserted properly, the tampon should not leak. Because the material has expanded, it seals moisture in until the tampon is removed. Be sure to follow the removal suggestions and directions enclosed in the box.

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