How Does Wind Power Compare to Other Forms of Energy?


Wind Power is Clean

Compared to nearly every other major type of mass energy production available, wind power is exceptionally clean. Although harnessing wind energy does require wind towers considered unsightly--and, thus, visual pollution--by some, the environmental impact of wind energy is significantly lower than energy types which require combustion such as coal, wood and oil.

Wind Power is Safe

Compared to other "alternative" energy sources such as nuclear, wind energy has an exceptionally high safety rating. Because the harnessing of wind energy does not require combustion of any materials (like that required by coal or oil energy) and does not require dangerous manipulation of materials (like that required by nuclear energy), wind energy is widely considered to be one of the safest energy sources available. Some environmentalists have expressed marginal concern, however, about the safety of birds flying in the vicinity of windmills.

Wind Power is Limitless

Unlike fossil fuels such as coal and oil, wind energy makes use of an ever-changing, renewable and sustainable energy source: the flow of air between high and low pressure systems in Earth's atmosphere. In communities with continuous wind presence, especially coastal and mountain communities, wind energy is a safe, clean form of energy that cannot be depleted. In addition, wind energy can be stored for later use or in times of less wind generation, or the energy can be supplemented with other clean energy sources such as nuclear or hydroelectricity.

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