How Do Plants Reproduce?



  • Flowers are the most sophisticated and delicate form of plant reproduction. Flowers actually use a form of sexual reproduction. There is a small part of the flower that sticks out like a small finger to receive the pollen called anthers and filliments. There is a sticky part on the tip of the anther that is called a stigma which is the sticky part that pollen sticks to. Bees and other insects are necessary to pollinate the different flowers. Pollen rubs off onto their backs when they collect nectar from the flowers, and then it rubs off onto the stigma of other flowers. When this mating is successful, a seed or fruit is made.


  • A conifer is a more simple form of sexual reproduction. Only one part of the sexual reproductive process is included in each part of the plant. Each of these plants provides two different kinds of cones on the same plant, but not in the same flower. Usually the wind carries the pollen from these types of plants to other cones. When the two parts combine, they form to make a new cone flower.


  • The third type of plant reproduction is the spore. The plants use sexual reproduction with the haploid cell of one plant, and the haploid egg of another plant. This makes the sporophyte cell, which feeds off of the parent plant until it is grown enough to support its own life cycle. When the spores are ready to produce their own life, they are released into the air to make their own plants.


  • When the fruit or seed of the plant is made, the plant usually quickly dies out. Some plants come back every year from the same seed like bulb plants. However, they also can spread out and make new bulbs. Perennial plants keep making seeds that drift away every year, while annual plants never come back to life again. This combination of different types of plants makes each plant have a unique life cycle. The air, bugs, or birds usually carry the seeds to new places, so that the plant will continue to grow. A lot of times a plant type will remove all of the nutrients of a certain kind in a particular plot of ground, so when the seeds are carried far away, it is good for the plant because it would have no longer been able to live in the same spot. It is because of this reason that farmers always fertilize their farms so often.

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