How Do Penguins Get Their Food?


What Penguins Eat

  • Like most creatures, other than human and other animal babies who get food that others give to them, penguins find their food. In this case, food is found in the ocean, which is the penguins' main habitat. Adult penguins dine on several animals from the ocean, but mainly fish, squid, and crustaceans, like krill or rock crabs.

Where Penguins Get Their Food

  • Young penguins depend on their parents for food. While the males spend much of their time on land, either protecting the eggs or tending babies, the females are busy eating food and storing it in a special place in their body. Then, when the baby penguin is hungry, the adult penguin regurgitates the already eaten food and the baby penguin takes it right from the parent's mouth!

How Penguins Find Their Food

  • Many people wonder how adult penguins find food in the ocean, especially at depths where there is very litle light--and where squid and other crustaceans like to hang out. Luckily, penguins have excellent eyesight and rely on their keen vision to spot prey.

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