How Does Metabolism Work?



Have you ever wondered how your body gets the energy it needs in order to function and perform properly throughout the day? It’s able to do so because of metabolism, which is essentially the sum of all the chemical reactions that go on in your body. This involves using calories in the food we eat and other fuels in order to convert them into energy and other beneficial aspects in the body. This helps the body grow and aids in many physical and mental operations that the body must perform every day.

Metabolism is jointly controlled by the endocrine and nervous systems. Metabolism is responsible for weight loss because those individuals with a higher metabolism rate are able to break down food and sugars faster and more efficiently so they don’t store as fat. As we age, our metabolism naturally declines, and weight gain is possible. A person’s metabolic rate will determine the number of calories that the person needs to take in every day.


There are two processes that make up metabolism. The first of these is called catabolism. This is also knows as “destructive metabolism,” but despite the name it does not do any harm to your body. It is merely the process of breaking down various types of food into simpler forms that can be used as energy. This includes fats, carbohydrates, proteins, and other vitamins and minerals that are found in the things that we eat. Through this process, the energy that the body needs to perform all its necessary functions is created. It is used to heat the body, power muscles (including the heart) so that they work correctly, and allow for higher mental functions.


The second metabolic process is called anabolism. This also involves creating energy for the body, but the energy created from anabolic processes is not used right away. Instead it is stored in the body for future use. Anabolism also promotes a healthy body by encouraging proper and natural growth of cells. Without this process of metabolism there would be decay in the body’s cells, which would cause organs and tissues to eventually fail. By properly taking in the recommended number of calories, anabolism will be able to maintain tissues in the body so that does not occur. It takes both of these processes together and properly maintained metabolic rates in order for the body to have the energy it needs.

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