How Does a Facial Help Skin Health?


What is a Facial?

  • A facial is a skin-clearing process that is usually done at a spa by a trained and licensed esthetician. The esthetician begins by analyzing the client's skin under a magnifying mirror and targeting the problem areas. The skin-analysis also allows the esthetician to tailor the facial to fit the client's individual skincare needs. He uses sanitized skin-cleansing tools to moisturize and exfoliate, extract blackheads and whiteheads, and nourish the skin with vitamin-rich masks and lotions. Immediately following a facial, the skin is often red and extra-sensitive though the redness and sensitivity usually disappear within 24 hours. The estethician will also provide a client with a skin care regimen that can be done at home in between facials.

How a Facial Promotes Healthy Skin

  • A facial begins with a light cleansing to remove surface dirt and bacteria. This is followed by the skin analysis, and then a thorough exfoliation. The exfoliation is usually done after your face is steamed with a steam vapor to soften the skin, and then a facial scrub is rubbed onto the skin. Exfoliation of the skin during a facial is very important because it aids in removing all dead surface skin cells that can potentially clog pores and result in breakouts. The exfoliation is usually followed by an extraction of blackheads and other blemishes where the esthetician uses an extracting tool to literally remove the blackheads stuck deep in the pores. The blackheads do not necessarily have to be removed, but if they are prominent or have been turning into inflamed pimples, the esthetician may suggest a thorough extraction. Finally, a soothing mask is applied to decrease redness followed by protective lotions containing salicylic acid or an antibiotic to minimize chances of an infection. A facial promotes skin health by removing excess dirt, oil, bacteria and dead skin cells that cause acne. Regular facials keep problems like acne at bay, and result in smooth, clear skin.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do some research before you pick a salon or esthetician to give you a facial. Make sure the salon or spa houses trained and licensed estheticians who will give you a great facial and your money's worth. If you entrust your skin to someone who is not well-trained, you may incur serious damage to your skin including scarring, infections and overall drop in skin quality. Do not attempt to give yourself a facial at home because of a high chance that you may inadvertently induce scarring or an outbreak of blemishes. Keep at-home facials simple with a gentle facial scrub, soothing mask and deep cleansing treatments that are dermatologist approved.

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